MOTIF RESTAURANT & BAR 日本酒ペアリングディナーのご案内
Japanese Sake paring dinner at MOTIF RESTAURANT & BAR

MOTIF RESTAURANT & BARでは、ディナーコースと合わせてお楽しみいただける「日本酒ペアリング」のオプションをご用意いたしました。食材の旨みを最大限に引き出した個性豊かなフレンチと、日本各地から厳選した豊かな味わいの銘酒5種の組み合わせをお楽しみください。

ディナーコース 12000円 税・サ別
日本酒5種(各60ml)5000円 税・サ別
MOTIF3種の利き酒セット 1800円 税・サ別


出羽桜 軽ろ水 純米吟醸(山形)

陸奥八仙 純米酒(青森)

玉川 特別純米 五百万石(京都)

勝山 䴇 サファイア(宮城)

A new and exciting sake-pairing course dinner is now available at MOTIF RESTAURANT & BAR. 5 different premium SAKE will be paired with the food. Fresh and fruity aroma of Japanese SAKE will make your dining experience memorable.

Dinner course: from JPY 12,000 (exclusive of tax and 15% service charge)
5-glass Japanese sake paring option : JPY 5,000 (exclusive of tax and 15% service charge)

Masumi Sparking (Nagano)
Miyasaka Brewery has been producing sake in Nagano since 1662. Masumi Sparkling is a bottle-fermented and aged for over a year for a well-balanced, smooth, dry taste.

Dewazakura Karomi Junmai-Ginjo (Yamagata)
Yamagata-based Dewazakura sake brewery is one of the popular sake makers in Europe and Asia. This“Karomi Junmai-Ginjo”is limited in quantity, do not to miss the chance to taste.

Mutsu-Hassen Junmai (Aomori)
Hachinohe Shuzo – a long-standing sake brewery established in 1775 is famous for using organic natural rice and yeast grown in Aomori prefecture. Mutsu Hassen features a splendid ginjyo-type aroma and a refreshing sweetness.

Tamagawa Junmai Gohyaku-mangoku (Kyoto)
Kinoshita brewery has been making fine sake since 1842. A British –born Philip Harper, is now leading the team as the first and only non-Japanese Toji(Master Brewer). Tamagawa – the brewery’s signature sake goes well with main course.

Katsuyama-Lei Sapphire Label (Miyagi)
Katsuyama brewery is one of the most famous sake breweries in Miyagi with a history of over 350 years. LEI SAPPHIRE LABEL is designed to go well with appetizers, fish dishes and stewed meat dishes in French cuisine as well as with cheeses and desserts. It has the flavor of a fully-ripe melon with a hint of banana and other tropical fruits, based on a candy taste and milky sweetness.